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Sharpertek has met, and exceeded, aerospace industry standards of cleanliness time and time again. Whether it’s a fuel delivery line tube flusher or an automated ultrasonic cleaning system, Sharpertek can help you exceed your cleanliness requirements. In an industry where redundancy and quality are highly valued, Sharpertek delivers custom tailored solutions for any cleaning challenge. An array of sensing options allows Sharpertek precision process control of any parameter. With our broad knowledge of industry standards we can assist you in setting up a cleaning process, cleanliness specifications, and testing methods to ensure high levels of reproducibility and quality throughout your cleaning process, all while increasing throughput. 



Aerospace Industry Specific Applications;

  • Tube Flushing – Our machines can handle any length and diameter tube, mobile or stationary, heated or vacuum drying, and solvent/water/air flushing requirements.
  • Parts Washing – We clean any shape or size part with fully automated, robotic, or manual and ultrasonic immersion or spray wash options. Chemical metering, sample preparation and analysis are also available.
  • Cleanliness Analysis – Our particle counting machines work great as an isolated verification step for your already existing cleaning process or as an integrated addition to one of our cleaning systems. We can meet any cleaning specifications, and our system will log the test results for long term verification and cleanliness trends.
  • Part Passivation – Our ultrasonic passivation machines result in high quality, corrosion resistant stainless steel and titanium parts. Sharpertek’s manual and automated machines increase productivity while consistently making high quality parts.