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The Automotive industry requires high throughput, precision cleaning, and advanced ultrasonic welding. Sharpertek, based in South East Michigan, is an industry leader in providing ultrasonic solutions to the automotive world. With expert knowledge of parts and process, Sharpertek is your answer for automotive industry needs. Sharpertek offers many solutions to process demands which keeps costs under budget and delivery on schedule. Sharpertek ultrasonic systems are designed, engineered, and manufactured within the automotive hub of the world – Detroit. Please see the below list of offerings for a range of ultrasonic solutions to fit your needs:

Automated Ultrasonic Aqueous Parts Cleaners- for any part shape/style with exceptional features like: HMI touchscreen, full safety features, conveyor integration, random recipe processor, data logging, high throughput, precision cleaning, fully optimized process, process, control, and superior repeatability on large batches.

Spray Washers- Push/pull, Cabinet, Conveyor, and Pass-thru type spray washers. High throughput, convenient loading/unloading, quick and efficient cleaning process. Sludge removal, high pressure/high volume spray wash with optimal nozzle selection.

Aluminum Cleaning and Titanium Coating- using Monorail Spray System

Pressure Deburring Systems- using high pressure debur equipment and robotic articulation

Vapor Degreaser- For heavily soiled parts where aqueous wash doesn’t quite cut it, Sharpertek’s Vapor Degreasers are the solution. Small footprint, Optional automation, precision cleaning, efficient refrigerant solvent recapture- keep costs down and parts clean!

Tube cleaning- For cleaning the I.D. / O.D. of any sized tube automated tube flushers can work in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaners or as an independent method of cleaning tubes.  High volume flushing with DI water/solvents/ or gaseous purge get the inside of the tubes exceptionally clean.

Plastic Welding- Sharpertek’s ultrasonic plastic welding equipment make fastening of plastic component simple, quick, and efficient. With knowledgeable and experienced engineering, Sharpertek offers a cost effective and high quality solution for fastening plastic parts. Fixture and horn design optimization ensure a high quality weld with a long service life.