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Multi Function Single Tank Parts Cleaner

Multi Function Single Tank Parts Cleaner" title="Multi Function Single Tank Parts CleanerSharpertek Multi function single tank washers provide a wide range of cleaning capabilities that includes spray wash, rotary baskets with ID flushing, ultrasonic, agitation, multi cleaning fluids, nitrogen purge with recirculating hot air capability and vacuum draw for full drying capabilities. Inline high pressure nitrogen heated purging and drying capability is available as well. Low pressure nucleation cleaning capability is available with these units along with ultrasonic decavitiation for a wide range and pressures and temperatures. Sharpertek engineering team includes a wide range of engineers; we have engineering expertise in thermodynamics, heat transfer, vacuum, condensing units, FEA, ultrasonics, fluid mechanics, electric and electronic engineers, and metal fabrication engineers. We are well prepared to handle the toughest tasks that our customers may face. This System is definitely a lean machine to clean parts.