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Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Systems" title="Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Systems

SharperTek Ultrasonic Carburetor Cleaning Systems

Ultrasonic cleaners are the ideal method of cleaning carburetors. Since the ultrasonic waves can reach into the smallest crevices, ultrasonic cleaning machines can clean carburetors even more thoroughly than spray wash systems. With a strong degreasing chemical, such as our Shellac-Buster, and the  SC20 Degreaser/Carburetor Cleaner, ultrasonic machines can quickly remove heavy grease and varnish buildup from carburetors.

Use the following table to determine which machine will fit your carburetors:

Ultrasonic Cleaner: XPD360-6L XPD360-8L XPS450-11L SH500-15L SH500-20L SH600-25L
Tank Dimensions:++ 11.75"6"6" 11.75"x9.5"x4" 12"9"6" 11.5"11"8" 12.25"11"10" 18.5"X11.5"X8"


Ultrasonic Cleaner: SH720-10G SH960-36L SH1200-18G
Tank Dimensions:++ 19.5"11"10" 19.5"11"10" 24"19"9"

+The SH960-36L is the same size as the SH720-10G, but has 33% more ultrasonic cleaning power. For heavily soiled carburetors, we strongly recommend investing in the extra power of the SH960-36L.
++Tanks are wider at the top, and taper down slightly at the bottom.

In order to clean carburetors thoroughly, the ultrasonic cleaning machines must be used with a degreasing chemical. The Shellac-Buster or the  SC20 Degreaser/Carburetor Cleaner are very powerful degreasers that cleans thoroughly and quickly. Furthermore, the SC20 Degreaser/Carburetor Cleaning concentrate dilutes to 20 gallons, so it lasts a long time!  The Shellac-Buster is designed to remove the varnish and shellac off of carburetors.  The Shellac-Buster chemical never dies!  You can use the Shellac-Buster chemical forever by either adding more to it when it evaporates or by alternating by adding water.  When it gets dirty you can clean it by straining it through a cheese cloth. 

Call us for help determining which system is best for you: (248)-340-0593