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Military" title="MilitarySharpertek’s extensive experience designing and building machines for all branches of the military has led to us becoming experts on military cleaning needs. From single tank machines for naval shipyards to multistage automated cleaners for the air force, we have continued to exceed expectations with our rugged and simple to use products. For the everyday user looking to easily clean their pistol to tank manufacturers cleaning tank tracks, we will make a machine to fit your needs. We will design an exemplary mil-spec machine to meet your individual application, regardless of part size or cleanliness requirement. With our new laser particle counter it is even easier to ensure your requirements are met. All of Sharpertek’s machines are designed and built here in the metro Detroit area so you know you are getting a quality machine that will work reliably for years to come. 
  • Commercial Ultrasonic Aqueous Parts Cleaners- For large parts or lots of small parts of any shape or style, these machines are easy to use and allow high volumes of parts per day. These machines are configurable with exceptional features: HMI touchscreen, full safety features (including NRTL Certification), conveyor integration, random recipe processor, data logging, high throughput, precision cleaning, fully optimized process, control, and superior repeatability on large batches.
  • Spray Washers- Our rotary cabinet spray washer is perfect for cleaning aircraft wheels. Our Push/pull, Cabinet, Conveyor, and Pass-thru type spray washers work exemplary for numerous other applications. High throughput, convenient loading/unloading, quick and efficient cleaning process. Sludge removal, high pressure/high volume spray wash with optimal nozzle selection to meet your demands.
  • Vapor Degreaser- For heavily soiled parts where aqueous wash doesn’t quite cut it Sharpertek’s Vapor Degreasers are the solution. Their small footprint, optional automation, precision cleaning, and efficient refrigerant solvent recapture keep costs down and parts clean!
  • Gun Cleaners – Reduce the man-hours required to clean your weapons with our specialty gun cleaners. Our machines have repeatedly shown to easily clean weapons faster and more thoroughly than hand cleaning alone. For large volumes of guns, our custom made machine can be designed to clean hundreds of guns in a matter of minutes. 
  • Standard Parts Washers – Our existing product line of table top machines are perfect for refurbishing old parts or cleaning tools and specialty new parts. These machines are ideal for low volume applications where the user does not need to clean hundreds of parts a day, but must quickly clean their tools or parts to repair a machine. Our table top machines come in varying sizes to accommodate any part size and provide reliable cleanings for years.