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Megawave; Optical and Silicon Wafer

Megawave; Optical and Silicon Wafer

Delicate and Effective Ultrasonic Cleaning

SharperTekŪ Megawave ultrasonic cleaning technology offers manufacturers of optic and silicon wafer technology a delicate, yet effective way to clean using ultrasonics. There simply is no better technology to clean these delicate assemblies than with the precision ultrasonics that SharperTekŪ provides through Megawave.

What is Megawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology?

Megawave technology is ultrasonic cleaning that is designed to operate in the higher frequency spectrum of ultrasonic cleaning technology. Operating at this higher frequency is a must when it comes to precise optics and silicon wafers, as lower frequencies will damage micro-surfaces. Megawave provides you the ultimate cleaning that ultrasonics provides, yet it does so gently, at higher frequencies so that your parts are not damaged.

What Does Megawave Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology Mean to You?

When you use SharperTekŪ Megawave ultrasonic cleaning technology as part of your cleaning solution, you get cleaner parts more effectively and efficiently than with any other cleaning method. By immersing your sensitive parts into the ultrasonic bath, they are exposed to the gentle cleaning action of ultrasonic cavitation. This cavitation reaches into even the tiniest nook and cranny, ensuring that every surface area of the part is clean. Less labor intensive, more thorough, and simple operation mean that SharperTekŪ Megawave ultrasonic cleaning technology is a smart ultrasonic cleaning choice for sensitive optics and silicon wafer technology.

Sweep Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology for Even Better Results

SharperTekŪ Megawave systems can also be configured to employ sweep technology. That means that your system is even more effective at getting your sensitive micro-surfaces clean. Sweep technology eliminates tank harmonic dead spots by continuously sweeping multiple frequencies through the system. This eliminates standing waves, and the root cause for tank dead spots.

SharperTekŪ Leads The Field In Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology

SharperTekŪ is a global leader in ultrasonic cleaning technology. Our engineering staff is expert in creating ultrasonic cleaning solutions for any process, and we stand by ready to help you with your SharperTekŪ Megawave Solution. Call us today at (248) 930-9653.