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About Our Company

Founded in 1998 as an engineering consulting company, we have grown to be a premier manufacturer of ultrasonic systems.  SharperTek® now is a premier global manufacturer and supplier of custom made ultrasonic cleaning systems, parts degreasers, and ultrasonic cleaning systems for business and home use.  We are also specialists in plastic welding systems and tooling. We are located in Detroit, Michigan where we manufacture most of our product lines.

What We Do

We manufacture high quality ultrasonic cleaning systems for every ultrasonic cleaning need: Ultrasonic Cleaners, Ultrasonic Industrial Cleaners, Ultrasonic Parts Degreasers, Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaners, Ultrasonic gun, rifle, pistol and handgun cleaners, Ultrasonic medical cleaners, Ultrasonic blind cleaners, and Ultrasonic carburetor cleaners.

High Quality Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners designed for a wide range of cleaning applications. Ultrasonic Cleaners that are well made, durable, and competitively priced; that is what you can expect from SharperTek®.  We also offer a variety of steam cleaners for many applications!

SharperTek® also manufactures high pressure parts spray washer, tube cleaners and multi-function single tank parts cleaners.

We Ultrasonic Plastic Weld Too

We are a leading supplier of the world’s most effective ultrasonic plastic welding systems. We also manufacture custom tooling for ultrasonic horn assemblies.

An Industry Leader

Quality, Durability, Value: SharperTek® has built a quality global reputation based on these core principles, and at SharperTek® we take pride in delivering every customer the ultimate in satisfaction. You can count on SharperTek® to lead the ultrasonic cleaning machines market producing new and exciting cleaning solutions. We are innovators in Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning Technology and Multi-frequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology! When customers demand the best they choose SharperTek® Ultrasonic cleaners.

SharperTek® Specializes in Large Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaners

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Marc Barsoum,

39 Rue des Oeillets, 21121 Fontaine les Dijon


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