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Sharpertek is Manufacturer of Ultrasonic Cleaners, Vapor Degreasers, Medical Cleaners for Cannulated and non-cannulated surgical tools, Industrial Spray Washers, Ultrasonic Plastic Welders:

We are a premier global manufacturer of custom made ultrasonic cleaning systems: parts degreasers and ultrasonic cleaning systems for business and home, and we are specialists in plastic welding systems and tooling. We are located in Detroit, Michigan where we manufacture most of our product lines.

What We Do

We manufacture quality ultrasonic systems for every ultrasonic need: ultrasonic cleaners, ultrasonic industrial cleaners, ultrasonic parts degreasers, vapor degreasers, conveyorised and rotary spray washers, medical and aerospace tube cleaners, medical Lumen Flushers, ultrasonic gun, rifle, pistol and handgun cleaners, ultrasonic medical cleaners, ultrasonic blind cleaners, ultrasonic carburetor cleaners and ultrasonic welders and plastic welding systems.

High quality industrial ultrasonic systems designed for a wide range of ultrasonic applications. Ultrasonic systems that are well made, durable, and competitively priced; that is what you can expect from SharperTek; We also offer a variety of steam cleaners for many applications!