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Monorail Pressure Washer Systems Made in USA

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Overhead monorail parts washer. The monorail washer is used for dunnage, automotive parts and much more. Cleans, rinses and dries. Also can be used for coating aluminum parts with titanium oxide.

Used for cleaning;


  • Dunnage/Totes

  • Trays

  • Bins/Crates

  • Large Gallon Drums

  • Pipes/Tubes

  • Automotive skins, fenders

  • Engine Parts

  • Aerospace Parts

  • Medical

Monorail Washer System


  • Rugged 1/8in (3.17mm) thick stainless steel tank and housing

  • All Stainless Steel Housing

  • Built-in shipping skids and jack screws for easy leveling

  • Bottom sloped 2in (50.8mm) for complete drainage and 2.5in (63.50mm) drain valves

  • Exhaust outlets with dampers on each end for exhausting vapors

  • Mist collection system.

  • Quick disconnect couplers and caps on all spray pipes

  • Clip-on type nozzles with stainless steel orifice CPVC replaceable.

  • Bottom support and top hold down rails for wheel drive application or chain tracks with replaceable wear strips for conveyor application

  • Chain tracks feature enclosed return tubes, with machined wear strips that prevent chain twist

  • Spray piping designed with cleanout ports and flanges

  • Temperature regulator, strainer, thermometer and steam injectors in the wash tank

  • Pre-wired NEMA 12 control panel with Allen Bradley components

  • Large color HMI or PC Screen.

  • Low-level protection and fault indication for all pumps and tanks

  • An Automatic level control in the wash tank uses the rinse tank water to conserve chemicals. Rinse water already contains some cleaner chemical.

  • Fresh water metering controls with automatic shut-off in the rinse tank

  • Pressure gauges

  • Self-contained conveyor and drive

  • Wash stage heat: Electric, Natural or Propane Gas, Steam Coil and Trap

  • Self-contained blow-off module

  • City water rinses to drain

  • Inline filtration

  • Separate floor mounted tank for mezzanine installation of the washer

  • Stainless Steel Pumps

  • Self-contained exhaust system