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Medical Ultrasonic Cleaners

Medical Ultrasonic CleanersThe Sharpertek medical cleaners are designed for cannulated and non-cannulated instrument cleaning. The irrigation system uses automatic flow controls that insures the correct pressure is being used in the cannulated instruments without any adjustments needed from the operator. This system can provide the correct orifice pressure whether the tray has qty of one or twelve robotic instruments to protect the instrument from over-pressure damage or under-pressure that results in lack of properly cleaned parts. The SharperTekŪ medical Cleaners have been third-party validated to clean the DaVinci SI and XI robotic instruments per AAMI TIR 30:2011 and ANSI/AAMI ST81:2004:2010.

SharperTekŪ is a recognized leader in medical and dental ultrasonic cleanings systems. We specialize in standardized off the shelf units as well as customized design and fabrication. Contact us at (877) 234-6938 to speak with a SharperTekŪ engineer about your particular medical or dental ultrasonic cleaner needs. These units are designed to clean debris from parts.