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Nuclear plants and reactors require extremely reliable and consistent systems to stay functional and safe. Sharpertek has the knowledge and experience to clean your high precision systems. Ultrasonic cleaning has been shown to increase structural strength during manufacturing while reducing build times. Ultrasonic cleaners also ease assembly stresses by reducing the friction between fuel rods and their housings. It has also been shown that ultrasonic technologies result in denser and stronger fuel pellets. Additionally, the use of ultrasonics were proven to not only increase the decontamination levels of spent fuel rods and radioactive waste, but to do so up to 10 times faster than conventional cleaning methods. Whether it’s installing ultrasonic VibraRod transducers above your nuclear reactors or cleaning your machine parts during the manufacturing process, Sharpertek’s ultrasonic machines provide reliable nuclear cleaning solutions, helping your plant run stronger and safer.

  • Ultrasonic Aqueous Parts Cleaners- From fully automated machines that handle continuous washing of fuel rod cartridges to small single tank machines for cleaning small, irregularly shaped parts and every shape and size in-between, Sharpertek can make the machine perfect for your desired application. All machines are configurable with these exceptional features: HMI touchscreen, full safety features (including NRTL Certification), conveyor integration, random recipe processor, data logging, high throughput, precision cleaning, fully optimized process, control, and superior repeatability on large batches.

  • Hazmat Control – With our streamlined, customizable approach to machine design and manufacturing, Sharpertek can meet any safety or hazardous waste disposal requirements. With our vast hazardous material experience from isopropyl alcohol cleaning to nitrogen detoxification, we will fit our machine’s tools, and appropriate safety measures, specifically to your desired application. 

  • Vapor Degreaser- For heavily soiled parts or fuel rods where aqueous wash doesn’t quite cut it, Sharpertek’s Vapor Degreasers are the solution. Their small footprint, optional automation, precision cleaning, and efficient refrigerant solvent recapture keep costs down and parts clean!
    Tube cleaning- For cleaning the I.D. / O.D. of any sized tube, automated tube flushers can work in conjunction with ultrasonic cleaners or as an independent method of cleaning tubes. High volume flushing with DI water/solvents/ or gaseous purge exceptionally clean the inside of tubes.

  • Fume Mitigation – Sharpertek’s experience with toxic and EPA regulated solvents in our vapor degreasers and spray wash systems has made us experts in hazardous fume and liquid control. From using condensers, water separators, and vacuum drawn mist collectors, you can rely on us to safely handle any dangerous chemicals inherent in your process.