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Ultrasonic Honey Processing

Honey Processing

Goal: Utilize the properties of ultrasonic cavitation to help maintain liquid state of honey for as long as possible and reduce the rate of crystal formation.


Crystallization of honey inhibits processing ability and the American consumer views crystalized honey as undesirable. During processing of honey it is typically heated to increase viscosity and reduce large crystal formation. Heating can have an adverse effect on honey reducing the water content through evaporation (leading to increased crystallization-Escuredo et al.) and reducing aromatic elements. Heat can also increase HMF in the honey, an enzyme related to honey quality.

“Sonication of honeys with low-frequency ultrasounds modifies the course of monosaccharide crystallization and granulated honey formation” - D.M. Stasiak & Z.J. Dolatowski 2007


Additional potential benefits of utilizing ultrasonics to reduce rate of crystal formation:

-          Increased viscosity (D.M. Stasiak & Z.J. Dolatowski 2007)

-          Reduction in HMF as compared to heat processing (D’Arcy High-power Ultrasound to Control Honey Crystallization 2007)

-          Reduction in the number of yeast cells (Liebel 1978)

-          Smaller crystal size (D.M. Stasiak & Z.J. Dolatowski 2007)

-          Less heat required during processing (A. QuinteroLira & A. Ángeles Santos- 2016)

-          Improved color via luminosity (A. QuinteroLira & A. Ángeles Santos-2016)

-          Increased flavonoids and phenolic acids (A. QuinteroLira & A. Ángeles Santos- 2016)

-          Honey samples treated by ultrasound remained in the liquid state for a much longer period than did the heat treated samples (-D’Arcy High-power Ultrasound to Control Honey Crystallization 2007)



System to accomplish the above via:

-          High power ultrasonics – to assist with transmission of ultrasonic energy propagation

-          Low frequency ultrasonics- to aide in the penetration of ultrasonic energy through the viscous liquid

-          Power related to liquid level- to ensure consistent and uniform sonication

-          PLC programmable power set point

-          Programmable recipes