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The SterasonicTM is a single or double tank, floor mounted product for cleaning instruments and other hard goods using ultrasonic energy in a detergent solution. This product features "hands-free" toe switch operation with a powered load tray elevator, making it unnecessary for operators to have to lift trays into and out of the process solution tank. Free moving lid automatically closes and opens with tray elevator action. Validated for use with Davinci XI and SI tool flushing and cleaning.

The SterasonicTM is designed for the removal of minute biological debris from difficult to clean areas of laboratory devices while soaking in a detergent solution. Use of this product should follow removal of gross debris as soil mass can dampen ultrasonic cavitation, effectively reducing cleaning results. Following ultrasonic cleaning, materials are to be rinsed & dried thoroughly in a companion Rinser/Dryer or processed through a mechanical Washer prior to preparing for terminal sterilization.