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MeltBlown Fabric Machine

MeltBlown Fabric Machine" title="MeltBlown Fabric Machine

Meltblown non-woven fabric is one of the fastest-growing non-woven fabrics. It is known abroad as the shortest-flow polymer one-step production process.

Melt-blown method is a method of direct polymer web forming. It is a method of extruding a polymer melt extruded by a screw extruder to extrude the melt stream by extreme high-speed and high-temperature air flow or other means. Very fine fibers are formed, and then gathered on a web forming drum or screen curtain to form a web. Finally, they are reinforced by self-adhesion to produce a meltblown fiber non-woven fabric.

BlowMelt Nozzle 

The equipment has reasonable design, superior performance, uniform network formation and complete specifications. The width of meltblown non-woven equipment is 1.6 meters, 2.4 meters, 3.2 meters; the width, die, and nozzle of meltblown non-woven equipment are divided into domestic and foreign versions, which can be customized according to customer requirements. Version. The company has the right to self-import and export of meltblown non- woven equipment, and relying on high-end equipment and superb technology to provide one- stop services such as equipment installation, commissioning and training, enjoys a high reputation at home and abroad.
entire meltblown equipment consists of the host, heating system, lubrication system,  hydraulic system, meltblown spinneret, cooling system, electrical control system, high-pressure fan, network system, electrostatic electret, etc.
The main machine is mainly composed of feeding system, screw extruder, filtering device, metering pump, melt-blowing die assembly, receiving device and winding mechanism. When producing meltblown nonwoven materials such as polyester and polyamide, chip drying and pre-crystallization are also required.

Process Flow:
Example Products:
  • Product effective width: 1600mm;
  • Maximum package diameter: 1200mm;
  • Output: 1.5-2.0T / 24 hours (based on 20-50g per square meter)
  • Monofilament fineness 2um-5um;
  • Main raw material: Polypropylene chip (special material for meltblown)
  • Product weight: 15-200g / m2.
  • Mechanical speed: 10-80M / min;
  • Installed capacity: 450kw;
  • Equipment size about: 16000mm 6000mm 6000mm