Modes of Service

There are three basic ways to run your blind cleaning business, depending on how you want to run the business, how large you want the business to get, and what kind of start-up costs you are willing to pay.

Blind Cleaning Only:

With this mode of service, your customers would come to your place of business and drop off their blinds to be cleaned later that day or the next morning. The customers would be responsible for picking up their blinds from your place of business after the cleaning is finished. This is certainly the easiest for you, and requires minimal start-up costs. This is probably the best option for a smaller blind-cleaning business, especially if you are running a business that cleans more than just blinds, and you already have an established name and customer base.

Blind Cleaner Pick-Up and Delivery Service:

By getting your own company van, you can come to the customer's house/business, pick up their blinds (for a fee of course!), take them to your place of business for cleaning, and then deliver the blinds to the customer when they are clean. Offering such a service will help you attract more customers, who don't have the time to drop-off their blinds and pick them up. This service also provides another way to generate revenue, since you will be able to charge for the pick-up and delivery service. If you are operating your business out of your garage or basement, a pick-up and delivery service is almost essential, since you do not have a storefront. If you already own a large van, the start-up costs will still be very low, since you will only need the blind cleaning equipment and perhaps a company logo on the side of the van. Having a company logo on the side of the van would also provide great advertising every time you went to pick up or drop off a customer's blinds.

On-Site Blind Cleaning:

This mode of service has the greatest potential, because it is extremely convenient for the customer. To do the on-site cleaning, you would invest in building a truck that would carry your blind cleaning equipment, power generator, and water/solutions to the customer. All you would have to do then would be to take the customer's blinds out to your truck, clean the blinds in the truck, and then hang the blinds again for the customer. Because everything would be done quickly and conveniently for the customer, you would be able to charge a higher price for cleaning, as well as be more likely to sell your services.

Being able to provide on-site cleaning puts you way ahead of competitors who do not offer this service. Many restaurants do not want to lose their blinds for a full day, but with on-site cleaning, they would be much more likely to give up their blinds for a couple of hours. You could also go to a prospective customer and clean one of their blinds for free on-site. When they see the immediate results, they will be much more likely to buy their blind cleaning services from you that very day. This demonstration is one of the most powerful marketing techniques you can employ! And with a company logo on the side of your truck, you will have free advertising to everyone who passes by and sees the truck.

Many factors make on-site cleaning the most profitable mode of service for a full-time blind cleaning business:

  • Cleaning on-site saves time for the customer, enabling you to charge more for your cleaning
  • Cleaning on-site allows you to give prospective customers a demonstration, enabling you to get more business
  • Cleaning on-site provides great, free advertising, enabling you to reach more customers


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