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Spray washing 70 Inch Turn Table

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Spray washing 70 Inch Turn Tablespray-washing-70-inch-turn-tableInside Look
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The sharpertek cabinet Spraywashing has a Basket Diameter of 70 Inches and can handle a part 35 Inches tall. The Weight of the part can be up to 1760 Pounds, and the overall dimensions of the machine are 94 X 106 X 102 (LxWxH inches). The Pump is Stainless Steel with flow rate of 87 GPM and the tank capacity is 191 gallons. The spray pressure is 56 PSI.

SharperTek Cabinet Spray Washer are designed for efficient cleaning of industrial parts with pressurized heat and water and biodegradable detergents. SharperTek Spray Washers have low operating cost and heavy duty construction. Structure and body are all made of stainless steel.  The SharperTek spray washer removes oil, grease, production slag of the surface of parts and can be used to apply RP protection.


  • Stainless Steel Pump
  • Automatic Pneumatic Door
  • Vapor Extraction
  • PLC Controls
  • Motorized Turn Table
  • Spray Nozzles
  • Heater
  • Gas Piston aided Cover
  • Stainless Steel  Body

OPTIONAL ITEMS: (Email Us for Quote at sales@sharpertek.com )

  • Stainless Steel Basket
  • Loading Car
  • 20" Cartridge Filter
  • Size 1 Bag Filter
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Oil Separator
  • Digital Timer and Thermostat
  • Tank Discharge with Pump
  • Tank Discharge with Air Valve
  • Filling with Solenoid Valve
  • Automatic Filling with Level Control
  • Dosing Pump DPT1 (with Time Control)
  • 7/24 Timer