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ST-Monitorô Local monitoring of Machine Parameters

ST-Monitorô Local monitoring of Machine Parameters" title="ST-Monitorô Local monitoring of Machine ParametersST-MonitorTM; for Process and Offsite Monitoring  Distance isnít an issue with our high-performance line of ST-Monitor and USB data logging. When you need access to your machine or equipment, but canít get to the SDP floor or even to the office, all you need is a computer, PDA or Smart-phone and you can remotely access, monitor and control your touch- screen through a web browser.  Many organizations responsible for setting industry standards are now issuing guidelines for monitoring and recording data for process parameters to track and control infection sources. The Advancement of Medical Instrumentationís (AAMI) is highly recommending weekly, preferably daily, verifications of cleaning processes.

SteraCleanTM is now offering the ST-MonitorTM package to monitor the required data including the following: 

  • Wash cycle, 
  • UV Duration 
  • Air Purge Cycle 
  • Rinse Cycle 
  • Water temperature, 
  • Ultrasonic performance, 
  • Irrigation Cycle 
  • Enzymes presence 
  • Operator ID. 
  • Type of tools cleaned (Cannulated, Robotic or standard) 
The data can be either downloaded onto a USB drive for easy transfer or it can be viewed on a web browser from the any PC, cell phone or tablet. At any given time management or operator can view the data showing which operator cleaned what surgical tools and what where the operating parameters.