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ST-Support™ Remote Monitoring and support

ST-Support™ Remote Monitoring and support" title="ST-Support™ Remote Monitoring and support

ST-Support; for Off-site System Monitoring

ST-Support Web Server Module offers multiple features bundled into one module,  and can be used with several SharperTekTM equipment including SteraTekTM , Stera LineTM and SterCleanTM systems.

The main features of the SharperTekTM Web Server Module include:

  • Remote Maintenance allows SharperTekTM software to remotely monitor, download and upload any equipment programs to keep the equipment up to date.
  • Alarm Messaging enables you to send up to 32 customized messages to an email address or cell phone*. For example, you can be notified of an error or processing condition that arises.
  • Point-to-point PLC Communication enables 1:1 communication between SharperTekTM PLCs over an Ethernet network across all Sharpertek equipment platforms in the field.
  • O/I Connectivity means SharperTekTM PLCs can communicate even when located in separate areas.
  • Security Access permits you to password protect any unauthorized access to your system.

The ST-Support will monitor and report the following:

  • Ultrasonic power Functionality
  • Dosing Pump Functionality
  • Heating Element Functionality
  • AutoFill Functionality
  • Low Air Pressure
  • PLC Functionality
  • Mechanical Functionality