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Multifrequency Ultrasonic Cleaning

Traditional ultrasonic systems use a single frequency to create ultrasonic cavitations. An effective way to clean, but just using a single frequency system means you can only clean at one frequency. What if you need coarse, medium and fine cleaning ultrasonic cleaning? Should you buy three systems? Multifrequency ultrasonic cleaning systems solve this problem.

What Is Multifrequency Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Multifrequency ultrasonic systems are designed to optimize a number of frequencies into a single cleaning system. This technology has been traditionally designed using a series of “bank” ultrasonic transducers, with each bank designed to operate in a single frequency. That meant that you had as many as three times the amount of transducers than in a single frequency transducer system. A SharperTek® multifrequency system is different, our systems utilize a unique transducer array where each transducer is capable of multiple frequencies.

What Multifrequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Means To You

When you use a SharperTek® multifrequency ultrasonic cleaning system, you get the benefits of a system that can clean at coarse, fine and ultrafine cleaning frequencies, but you don't have to pay the additional cost and space that individual banks of transducers cause. You get a complete multfrequency cleaning system integrated into a simple, single design.

The Multifrequency Ultrasonic Cleaning Advantage

The advantage of a SharperTek® multifrequency ultrasonic cleaning system, you get multiple frequency cleaning technology, and you get it in a single design. That means you get a system that's capable of coarse, medium and fine cleaning, but you get it in a cost and space saving design. No need for multiple transducer banks.