Ultrasonic Rectangular Horn

Ultrasonic Rectangular Horn" title="Ultrasonic Rectangular HornUltrasonic rectangular bar horn. Designed using Sharpertek proprietary closed form analysis and double verified VIA FEA. This design sustains prolonged operation and usage and offers greater tip amplitudes.

RECTANGULAR HORN PART NUM  1/4" Wide  1/2" Wide  3/4" Wide 1" Wide 1 1/4" Wide 1 1/2" Wide 1 3/4" Wide 2" Wide 2 1/4" Wide 2 1/2" Wide
 1/4" Long HRH-0.25X0.25                  
 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X0.5 HRH-0.5X0.5                
 3/4" Long HRH-0.25X0.75 HRH-0.5X0.75                
1" Long  HRH-0.25X1 HRH-0.5X1 HRH-0.75X1 HRH-1X1            
1 1/4" Long HRH-0.25X1.25 HRH-0.5X1.25 HRH-0.75X1.25 HRH-1X1.25 HRH-1.25X1.25          
1 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X1.5 HRH-0.5X1.5 HRH-0.75X1.5 HRH-1X1.5 HRH-1.25X1.5 HRH-1.5X1.5        
1 3/4" Long HRH-0.25X1.75 HRH-0.5X1.75 HRH-0.75X1.75 HRH-1X1.75 HRH-1.25X1.75 HRH-1.5X1.75 HRH-1.75X1.75      
2" Long HRH-0.25X2 HRH-0.5X2 HRH-0.75X2 HRH-1X2 HRH-1.25X2 HRH-1.5X2 HRH-1.75X2 HRH-2X2    
2 1/4" Long HRH-0.25X2.25 HRH-0.5X2.25 HRH-0.75X2.25 HRH-1X2.25 HRH-1.25X2.25 HRH-1.5X2.25 HRH-1.75X2.25 HRH-2X2.25 HRH-2.25X2.25  
2 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X2.5 HRH-0.5X2.5 HRH-0.75X2.5 HRH-1X2.5 HRH-1.25X2.5 HRH-1.5X2.5 HRH-1.75X2.5 HRH-2X2.5 HRH-2.25X2.5 HRH-2.5X2.5
2 3/4" Long HRH-0.25X2.75 HRH-0.5X2.75 HRH-0.75X2.75 HRH-1X2.75 HRH-1.25X2.75 HRH-1.5X2.75 HRH-1.75X2.75 HRH-2X2.75 HRH-2.25X2.75 HRH-2.5X2.75
3" Long HRH-0.25X3 HRH-0.5X3 HRH-0.75X3 HRH-1X3 HRH-1.25X3 HRH-1.5X3 HRH-1.75X3 HRH-2X3 HRH-2.25X3 HRH-2.5X3
3 1/4" Long HRH-0.25X3.25 HRH-0.5X3.25 HRH-0.75X3.25 HRH-1X3.25 HRH-1.25X3.25 HRH-1.5X3.25 HRH-1.75X3.25 HRH-2X3.25 HRH-2.25X3.25 HRH-2.5X3.25
3 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X3.5 HRH-0.5X3.5 HRH-0.75X3.5 HRH-1X3.5 HRH-1.25X3.5 HRH-1.5X3.5 HRH-1.75X3.5 HRH-2X3.5 HRH-2.25X3.5 HRH-2.5X3.5
4" Long HRH-0.25X4 HRH-0.5X4 HRH-0.75X4 HRH-1X4 HRH-1.25X4 HRH-1.5X4 HRH-1.75X4 HRH-2X4 HRH-2.25X4 HRH-2.5X4
4 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X4.5 HRH-0.5X4.5 HRH-0.75X4.5 HRH-1X4.5 HRH-1.25X4.5 HRH-1.5X4.5 HRH-1.75X4.5 HRH-2X4.5 HRH-2.25X4.5 HRH-2.5X4.5
5" Long HRH-0.25X5 HRH-0.5X5 HRH-0.75X5 HRH-1X5 HRH-1.25X5 HRH-1.5X5 HRH-1.75X5 HRH-2X5 HRH-2.25X5 HRH-2.5X5
5 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X5.5 HRH-0.5X5.5 HRH-0.75X5.5 HRH-1X5.5 HRH-1.25X5.5 HRH-1.5X5.5 HRH-1.75X5.5 HRH-2X5.5 HRH-2.25X5.5 HRH-2.5X5.5
6" Long HRH-0.25X6 HRH-0.5X6 HRH-0.75X6 HRH-1X6 HRH-1.25X6 HRH-1.5X6 HRH-1.75X6 HRH-2X6 HRH-2.25X6 HRH-2.5X6
6 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X6.5 HRH-0.5X6.5 HRH-0.75X6.5 HRH-1X6.5 HRH-1.25X6.5 HRH-1.5X6.5 HRH-1.75X6.5 HRH-2X6.5 HRH-2.25X6.5 HRH-2.5X6.5
7" Long HRH-0.25X7 HRH-0.5X7 HRH-0.75X7 HRH-1X7 HRH-1.25X7 HRH-1.5X7 HRH-1.75X7 HRH-2X7 HRH-2.25X7 HRH-2.5X7
7 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X7.5 HRH-0.5X7.5 HRH-0.75X7.5 HRH-1X7.5 HRH-1.25X7.5 HRH-1.5X7.5 HRH-1.75X7.5 HRH-2X7.5 HRH-2.25X7.5 HRH-2.5X7.5
8" Long HRH-0.25X8 HRH-0.5X8 HRH-0.75X8 HRH-1X8 HRH-1.25X8 HRH-1.5X8 HRH-1.75X8 HRH-2X8 HRH-2.25X8 HRH-2.5X8
8 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X8.5 HRH-0.5X8.5 HRH-0.75X8.5 HRH-1X8.5 HRH-1.25X8.5 HRH-1.5X8.5 HRH-1.75X8.5 HRH-2X8.5 HRH-2.25X8.5 HRH-2.5X8.5
9" Long HRH-0.25X9 HRH-0.5X9 HRH-0.75X9 HRH-1X9 HRH-1.25X9 HRH-1.5X9 HRH-1.75X9 HRH-2X9 HRH-2.25X9 HRH-2.5X9
9 1/2" Long HRH-0.25X9.5 HRH-0.5X9.5 HRH-0.75X9.5 HRH-1X9.5 HRH-1.25X9.5 HRH-1.5X9.5 HRH-1.75X9.5 HRH-2X9.5 HRH-2.25X9.5 HRH-2.5X9.5
10" Long HRH-0.25X10 HRH-0.5X10 HRH-0.75X10 HRH-1X10 HRH-1.25X10 HRH-1.5X10 HRH-1.75X10 HRH-2X10 HRH-2.25X10 HRH-2.5X10