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Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning

Traditional ultrasonic systems use a single frequency to create ultrasonic cavitations. An effective way to clean, but single frequency systems create tank dead spots because of naturally occurring standing waves. Sweep cleaning technology solves this problem. Sweep cleaning technology delivers a more thorough, effective ultrasonic cleaning system.

What Is Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning?

Ultrasonic sweep cleaning “sweeps” multiple ultrasonic frequencies through a single ultrasonic tank. This sweeping controls the creation of standing waves, allowing no single frequency to resonate in the tank, eliminating the root cause of standing waves, and tank dead spots.

What Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning Means To You

When you use SharperTek® ultrasonic sweep cleaning technology, every volume inside your tank is creating ultrasonic cavitations, meaning that every item you put in the tank is cleaned across every part of its surface. No dead spots.

The Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning Advantage

The advantage of a SharperTek® ultrasonic sweep cleaning system is thorough and efficient cleaning. Because every space in the ultrasonic tank is actively creating ultrasonic cavitations, you efficiently optimize immersion time required to clean all surfaces.

The Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning System

The SharperTek® ultrasonic sweep cleaning system can be custom configured to meet your particular requirements. SharperTek® engineers are experienced in side mounted ultrasonic cleaning technology, and can design a system that includes portable tubular ultrasonic systems or shoe box ultrasonic cleaning systems, and dedicated ultrasonic sweep cleaning systems.