Generating Profit

The Profit Generating Power of Ultrasonic Cleaners:

Consider the millions of blinds that homeowners, restaurants, office buildings, hospitals, and schools purchase each year. Then consider the fact that restaurants need their blinds cleaned about 4 times a year, hospitals need their blinds cleaned about twice a year, and everyone else needs their blinds cleaned once a year. That's an incredible amount of cleaning, right? Actually, that's also an incredible business opportunity! You would be surprised how few people know about ultrasonic blind cleaning! With such little awareness, the blind cleaning industry is wide open for you to enter and make huge profits!

If you are cleaning blinds as a full-time business, it is possible to clean about 100 blinds per day (the actual time spent cleaning 100 blinds might only be about 2 hours, but the time spent getting a steady 100 blinds per day would make it a full time job). If you charge an average of $10 per blind (perhaps about $8 for mini-blinds, and $15 for larger blinds), that is $1000 per day. At 5 days a week, and 48 weeks out of the year, you will make $240,000!++

Price per Blind Cleaning: $10
Blind Cleanings per Day: 100
Days per Week: x                     5
Earnings per Week: $5,000
Weeks Worked per Year:         x                   48
Earnings per Year:++ $240,000

If you choose to run your business with a pick-up/delivery service so that you go to the customer, pick up their blinds, and take the blinds to your place of business for cleaning, then you can charge $20-30 per house (or much more for a large business) to pick up and deliver the blinds. If you clean blinds on-site with a blind cleaning truck, then you could charge about $15-$25 per blind, and you will be far more likely to make the sale in the first place! With $15 per blind from cleaning on-site, you could make about $360,000 per year!++ Click here to learn more about these three different modes of service.

With relatively low start-up costs, and almost negligible per-blind cleaning costs, this is a business that can easily give you a positive return on your investment in a matter of months! If you want to be your own boss, if you are tired of being underpaid, or if you have always wanted to own your own business, the blind cleaning industry is perfect for you!

++While we believe these figures are reasonable, We cannot make any guaranties regarding how much money an owner will make each year. Actual earnings will vary depending on a number of different factors, including the population of the city/region you operate in, and your marketing efforts.