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IPA Low Flash Point Ultrasonic Cleaner 5 Gallon System

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IPA Low Flash Point Vapor Degreaser 5 Gallon System

An IPA-based parts cleaning system designed for aerospace components would operate as follows:
1. **Automatic Loading**: Aerospace parts are automatically loaded and lowered into a tank filled with isopropyl alcohol (IPA).
2. **Ultrasonic Cleaning**: Once submerged, ultrasonic waves agitate the IPA, enhancing the cleaning process by breaking down and lifting contaminants from the parts' surfaces.
3. **Distillation and Reclamation**: After cleaning, the IPA is heated to boiling to evaporate it, separating it from the dirt and contaminants. The vaporized IPA is then condensed back into liquid form in a closed-loop system, allowing it to be reclaimed and reused, minimizing waste.
4. **Explosion Proofing and Safety**: Given the flammable nature of IPA, the system is designed to be explosion-proof, with robust safety features to prevent any ignition sources. It would also meet relevant safety certifications to ensure compliance with aerospace industry standards.
5. **Sediment Removal**: The design includes an easy method for removing the dirt and sediment collected in the boil tank after the distillation process, ensuring the system remains clean and efficient for subsequent operations.

This system provides an effective, sustainable, and safe method for cleaning complex aerospace parts, crucial for maintaining the integrity and performance of aerospace components.