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StopRust™ - Rust Inhibitor by Sharpertek

StopRust™ SC50R Rust Preventive Concentrate 1 Gal.click image to enlarge
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StopRust™ SC50R Rust Preventive Concentrate by Sharpertek.

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Sharpertek StopRustTM is an excellent chemical for rust prevention. Just add a small amount of concentrate to your rinsing or cleaning solution in your ultrasonic cleaning machine and protect your parts from oxidation before you even have to worry about it! StopRustTM is for use on metals from steel to aluminum and will take care of your parts for you. Try Sharpertek StopRustTM Today!

Defined as and aqueous thin-film rust and corrosion preventative.

This product is biodegradable.

Usage range varies from 3 to 6 ounces per gallon. Cleaning solution temperatures should be maintained between 80˚ and  170˚ F.

StopRust™SC50R Rust Preventive Concentrate by Sharpertek.

An economical, aqueous based, interim process rust inhibitor for ferrous metals.  Other notable products features include:

  • Provides a highly effective, invisible, non-sticky, non-greasy barrier.

  • Will not affect color of part.

  • This product does not contain any ingredients that are subject to rancidity.

  • Will not interfere with subsequent operations such as painting, soldering, brazing, welding, anodizing or