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Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution SC20-G

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Ultrasonic Gun Cleaning Solution

This cleaner will cut through the toughest cosmoline, carbon, grease and grime! Its super strength allows it to degum and degunk the dirtiest of gun parts when used in ultrasonic gun cleaning machines! It has been thoroughly tested in the field and shops. Hands-on Gunsmiths and Armors praise how quickly it dissolves in warm water, how well it works in both hard and soft water, and how freely it rinses to leave parts bare-metal bright.


  • Gun parts of all kinds: Works on parts made of aluminum,* magnesium, stainless steel and other materials. Works on trigger assemblies, bolts, actions, slide rails, gas pistons, and all other components.
  • Works on all kinds of guns, including M1 - M16 - AR15 - 9 mm - 40 caliber weapons, Black Power breach plugs, and all other fully automatic weapons.


  • Water-Based, Biodegradable: Avoids environmental and health safety issues
  • Non-Caustic: Helps eliminate caustic burns and fumes
  • Non-Petroleum: Helps eliminates fire hazard and disposal problems
  • Contains quality surfactants, wetting agents, emulsifiers, cleaners, and rust inhibitors
  • Rinses freely
  • Compatible with most oil water separators

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