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Steratek Lineman Electric Glove Length 14" Class 1

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Steratek Lineman Electric Glove Length 14" Class 1 ,

Steratek ElectroGuard offers a range of electrical insulating gloves that are categorized by voltage class and resistance to ozone. The gloves are designed to meet ASTM D120 specifications and NFPA 70E standards for protection against electrical hazards. Here's a summary of the high voltage glove classes and their specifications:

Class 00: Suitable for up to 500V AC and 750V DC.
Class 0: Suitable for up to 1,000V AC and 1,500V DC.
Class 1: Suitable for up to 7,500V AC and 11,250V DC.
Class 2: Suitable for up to 17,000V AC and 25,500V DC.
Class 3: Suitable for up to 26,500V AC and 39,750V DC.
Class 4: Suitable for up to 36,000V AC and 54,000V DC.

The sizing of these gloves is standardized across manufacturers, according to ASTM D120 requirements, with slight variations of about half an inch possible. To determine the appropriate glove size, measuring around the width of the palm provides a good approximation. For example, if the palm circumference is 9.5 inches, a size 10 glove is generally suitable. It's also recommended to pair the rubber gloves with leather protectors of the same size for additional safety.
SteraTek gloves also undergo rigorous testing to ensure their integrity and safety. This includes field testing before every use, such as visual inspections and air tests for any pinholes or cuts, as well as ASTM certified lab tests involving visual checks, inflation tests, and high-voltage tests in water.