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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaner 10F - by Sharpertek.

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Machine Description:

10 Foot Blind Cleaner> SharperTek® Industrial Strength Heated Ultrasonic Blind Cleaning Machine:



Ultrasonic Tanks  Specifications (Inches and Gal)

Power (W)







Ultrasonic Watts

Heating KVA


Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank




58 G




Heated Rinse Tank




58 G








Ultrasonic Cleaning Tank Specifications & Features:

o   Tank Size: 120 ”x14”x8” (L x W x H)

o   Machine size: 130” Long, 26” Wide and 63” High.

o   Tank Material: 12 Gauge 304 Stainless Steel

o   Tank Welds:  Welded on outside of tank. 

o   Weld Type: Mig and Tig welded and dye penetrant checked to insure water tightness.  Water tightness then verified over a period of 2 weeks.

o   Internal welds are pacified per ASTM 967.

o   Outside of tank insulated with ceramic insulation.

o   Ultrasonic Power:  4000 watts average power using best in class SharperTekÒ Ultrasonics with auto-track and auto-tune and include digital power intensity controls on each generator

o   Total of 2 SharperTekÒ Generators are individually fused and fan-cooled for a long, safe service life, and include digital power intensity controls on each generator.

o   All inlets and outlet fittings are Tig welded on inside and outside of tank.

o   Tank fitted with manual fill valve connected to main water inlet.

o   1” drain with ball valve and plugged fill ports included.

o   Industrial Grade Model with all stainless steel construction.

o   Quickly Degases the solution for optimal cleaning.

o   Power Supply AC 120-220V, 50 / 60Hz

o   Heater System:  Designed to maintain cleaning fluid temperature.  Includes a 2,000 Watt heater with digital temperature controller.

o   Raised front panel that mounts ultrasonic, heat and other selected feature controls. (Panel shown above but not the actual controls)

o   Stainless steel covers.

o   Pneumatic Wheels for Easy and safe Transport

o   Ultrasonic wave generator with SharperTek® Technology. This technology allows for transducer feedback control to optimize frequency resonance response. Ultrasonic frequency set at 32-40 KHz.

o   Stainless Steel Bottom Tray.

o   Blinds Rack Holder

Traditional ultrasonic systems use a single frequency to create ultrasonic cavitations. While this is an effective way to clean, single frequency systems create tank dead spots because of naturally occurring standing waves. Sweep cleaning technology solves this problem. Sweep cleaning technology delivers a more thorough, effective ultrasonic cleaning system.


What Is Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning?

Ultrasonic sweep cleaning “sweeps” multiple ultrasonic frequencies through a single ultrasonic tank. This sweeping controls the creation of standing waves, allowing no single frequency to resonate in the tank, eliminating the root cause of standing waves, and tank dead spots.


What Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning Means To You

When you use SharperTek® ultrasonic sweep cleaning technology, every volume inside your tank is creating ultrasonic cavitation, meaning that every item you put in the tank is cleaned across every part of its surface. No dead spots.


The Ultrasonic Sweep Cleaning Advantage

The advantage of a SharperTek® ultrasonic sweep cleaning system is thorough and efficient cleaning. Because every space in the ultrasonic tank is actively creating ultrasonic cavitation, you efficiently optimize immersion time required to clean all surfaces.