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Ultrasonic chemical mixing machine. Used for chemical processing, mixing and compounding industries.

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Ultrasonic chemical mixing machine.

Used for chemical processing, mixing and compounding industries.


Mechanical Specifications:

 1.            (Three) tanks joined as one assembly. Designed for a water based solution containing

      dilute acids.  Material 316 St St.

             Three tanks tig welded and pacified per ASTM A967-05

             Material is 316 SSTL GG 14.

             Gang box installed for PLC hook up.  All terminal block labeled.

             Gang box installed for 120V Hook-up

             Tank Size is: 820mm X 700mm

             Each tank would have a 0.25 DIA tube for thermocouple install.

             Each tank fitted with 2 qty half coupler for heater install.  Half coupler to take a Tempco 1000 watts cartridge heater 120 volts.

             Bottom plate holding the 500Ml Glass Flasks in position is a lase-cut 14gg SSTL. With a 5x4 array.

             The plate that the flasks are placed on are adjustable vertically to achieve flask height control.

             Each tank must have a four way overflow design with recirculation pump and filter.  Water level (lower & upper) switches and water inlet valve fitted and wired.  Water level from base of flask to range from 5mm to 50mm (Refer Item 2).

             Pumps from MP Pump (local pump manufacturer all components made in USA)

             304 Stainless steel filter housing

             Level Switches to operate with PLC are from IFM Effector can be either NPN or PNP setup. 


2.            (One) Tank is to be fitted with a heating device to raise the water temperature to a nominal 75 Degrees Celsius +-2 Degrees. Thermostatically controlled and adjustable from PLC. 

             Ambient to 90 Degrees Celsius range.

3.            The 3 (three) filters are to be separately mounted outside the room containing the Ultra Sonic Mixer.

4.            Details of the mount is to be designed after ARO.   Flexible hoses and barb fitting to be supplied, minimum 3 Meters. 

5.            Ultrasonic Generators:  Generators and transducers are best in class 25KHz for best mixing results.  Generators feature auto track and auto-tune.  Each tank will get its own generator and each flask has its dedicated transducer.

6.            A tube stainless steel frame for mounting the 3 tanks will be provided. 


Electrical Requirements:

             480v AC 3 Phase

             24v DC Control Voltage

             MAX TEMPERATURE 80c 176F MAX TEMP

             The unit will be controlled from an external PLC.

             Supplier to nominate Number of Transducers per tank.

             Supplier to nominate any other electrical controls required.


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