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Battery Pack Welders; Ultrasonic Metal Welder

Weld electrical interconnections within systems such as battery packs with the ease of using a stapler. Sonics’ new UBPW ultrasonic welder can be either hand-operated, suspended from a counterweight system (as shown), or rigid-mounted within a robotic or other type of automated system. A horizontally-oriented version is also available which may be suspended or mounted to a bench top.


Model SMW-1200

  • Innovative design allows operation in tight areas such as between battery tabs
  • Capapable of welding copper, aluminum and nickel to each other
  • Custom application-specific tooling
  • Low cost and easily replaceable tooling
  • No adhesives, solder or heat required
  • Parameter library allows storage of 1000 settings
  • Weld quality monitoring
  • Low power consumption
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