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Industrial Cleaning Services Provided by SharperTek


Ultra-Clean Solutions for all your Part Cleaning Needs!

SharperTek provides cleaning solutions with a well-trained staff and technical department. SharperTek has over 10 years in the field of ultrasonic cleaning, building, and developing processes for a variety of cleaning needs. In a rapidly growing industry, SharperTek can provide a great value and real world experience to your business needs.

These cleaning services are part of those offered through SharperTek.

Fine Particle Removal
Precision cleaning on a microscopic level will leave you searching for any residue that your belongings once had.  SharperTek cleans all traces of contaminants away such as particles, organic films, and non-volatile residues (NVRs) like oils, greases, and chemicals. Because this cleaning service goes to a microscopic level your possessions will look their absolute best no matter what environment they were in.

Passivation Services
When a stainless steel part is bent, welded, polished, or simply just exposed to the elements, it can lose its resistance to corrosion and rust. SharperTek’s passivation service cleans and restores that resistance by removing the reactive outer layer of iron to expose the more resistant chromium. Using Citric passivation and combining it with chelants, our methods will exceed today’s outdated passivation standards to leave your steel ready to for anything.

Aqueous and Semi-Aqueous Cleaning Services
Combining our ultrasonics and aqueous solutions, dirt and grime will be a distant memory. The use of our ultrasonic machinery will gently reach the hardest places to clean while our aqueous and semi aqueous solutions break down any build-up of grease, particles, and NVRs to surpass the customers’ expectations of cleanliness.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Services
SharperTek specializes in building and developing ultrasonic cleaning units. With a wide range of sizes and frequencies, we can clean a wide range of parts quickly and effectively. Whether you need large parts or high quantities of smaller parts, our ultrasonics are efficient in cleaning machined, stainless steel, brass, medical tubing, cast iron, valve bodies, cylinder heads, and much more, and with our large range of cleaning tanks we can use the one best for your business needs to get your parts clean and returned to you quickly and at lower prices.

Silicone Free Cleaning Services
Need a part silicon free? SharperTek has got a cleaning service for that, with several processes used to achieve silicone free surfaces. All techniques used are proven to work for various parts and situations to ensure that all silicon residue is removed from your parts.

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SharperTek is a rising leader in today’s precision parts cleaning, ultra-clean, services. We serve various markets such as pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics, medical, automotive, aerospace/military, and more.


Filters Cylinder Sleeves Electronics/PCBs Gears/Chains Dunnage
Aviation Parts Cylinder Pistons Molds Castings Fuel Rails & Injectors
RP Processing Crankshafts Tubes Paint Removal Paint/Air Guns
Stencil Cleaning Engine Blocks Plastics Passivation Sporting Equipment
Guns and Cartridges Engine Parts Pipe Fittings Ball Bearings Fire Restoration
Air Vents Carburetors Watches Light Fixtures Oven Racks
Rust Removal Coins/Antiques Recreational Equipment Craft Tools Clocks

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