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UV Disinfection light fixture with optional LED light 

UV light fixture; disinfect a room with UV Light. Has timer and auto shut-off with PIR occupancy sensor.  Intelligent UV disinfection lamp, efficient, safe and pollution-free.  UV light fixture can effectively disinfect the area from bacteria and viruses on the surface of an environment and effectively reduce the risk of cross infection.  Custom Timer, automatic PIR shutoff, free of setup and maintenance.  Intelligent sensor design, add human body sensor, unit automatically shuts off when someone walks into the room.


  • 110 Volts - 220V Available
  • 120 watts
  • OPTIONAL - Available with and without LED light -Would require additional wall switch for LED light
  • 9000 Hours of operation
  • Light fixture made in USA -Electronics may be foreign sourced
  • Settable Working Time Per Room Area
  • Intelligent sensor design automatically shuts off when someone walks into the room
  • Can be staggered in a room for counter shadow effects
  • Can be mounted flush to ceiling or hung with chain as in picture
  • Comes with hanging hardware

Ultraviolet Sterilization Technology

  • 254nm wavelength ultraviolet technology
  • High sterilization rate
  • UVC T8  253.7 nm (UV-C)  disinfection lamp 40 watts each qty 2
  • Disinfects exposed floors, surfaces and surrounding air