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Ultrasonic Welding Generator 30KHZ

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Ultrasonic welding and cutting generators offers the ability to bond a wide range of materials without the need for chemical preparation, adhesives, activators, or any of the associated fumes. Ultrasonic plastic welding and ultrasonic cutting is speedy, safe, and consistent, easily satisfying the most stringent quality controls. For numerous industries, ranging from food to textile, ultrasonics offer the ability to simultaneously cut and seal products in a consistent, safe, and speedy manner. We readily adapt this process to many applications, with the ultrasonic horns acting on the vertical or horizontal axis to accommodate your line.

Ultrasonic Welding Generator Description:

Built in Processor Features: 
1) Microprocessor Controlled 
2) Automatic Frequency Tuning 
3) Digital Amplitude Control with Digital pressure controls and after-burst feature. 
4) Ultrasonics Load Meter Scale with optional controller 
5) PLC I/O Connector 
6) Overload Protection Circuitry 
7) Overload Reset 

Ultrasonic Plastic Welder Features: 
1) Uses Ultrasonic Piezo ceramics transducer, with stable output 
2) Robust circuit design. 
3) Robotically mounted and actuated 
4) Horn is suitable for 10-18 mm staking welds 
5) Full wave staking horn for quick, accurate welds 
6) Controlled by initiation button 
7) Power output: 800W 
8) Frequency: 30kHz 
9) Power input: 220V / 240V 50/60Hz 
10) Single point machine utilities connections